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Content Samurai Review Has Been Active Watch the video With a streamlined voice recording workflow Content Samurai breaks your script into short sentences, allowing you to record in little bite sized chunks.
This slashes your recording time that would otherwise blow out into hours of countless re-takes.
Content Samurai then glues all your sentences together into a single clean and coherent audio track as if it was mystical wizardry.
PLUS you can always upload a pre-recorded voice track if you prefer, and Content Samurai will know just what to do with it

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Using advanced textual analysis Content Samurai can review your text based script, cut it up into small sections to fit on individual frames, and format the text.
But it doesn’t stop there, the system will also analyse your script for high priority words and search a database of over 12 million images, suggesting only the most relevant …

Content Samurai makes video creation fun easy and free get content samur...

Content Samurai makes video creation fun easy and free!get content samurai free trial here  It's been proven time and time again that video converts up to 3x better in combination with a customary sales letter. The most booming offers and services out there always have a video presentation advertising them. I have been a long time marketer in all types of small markets and truthfully I struggled with video presentation. I was good with graphics plus taking photos, but could not at all get the entire thing on Video and I was simply in actual fact appalling at building them, actually my six years old cousin could create better movies than me.
The new Content Samurai video making software from the Noble Samurai people. It's designed to make slick, simple videos quickly and easily without having to learn complicated editing software.
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